850 Top Ten

The 850 Top Ten list is a list for racers by racers, supported by the Emerald Coast Dragway.  Drivers meeting first and third Friday’s under the tower at 8pm, be there.  Contact Adam Penis or Graham Nelson with any questions or concerns regarding the 850 Top Ten List.


  • If a list race event is missed and you do not show up to race you can lose up to 2 spots in one night
  • Callouts may be made on the page and direct messaged to myself so I can track or at the track
  • You can’t run the same car on 3 lists must be a different car
  • Once callout is made you must show up to the next race day or callout is void


-DOT Tire


-All working lights

-Back halves and cages allowed

1.Guy Willis / 68 Mustang

2. Erik warrington / White Mach 1

3.Andy Popple/ GTR

4.Chris DeCorte/ Red G8

5. Scott Kilpatrick / OBT pickup

6. Rob Dunkerson / 2016 viper

7. David brignano / GTO

8. Roger Kay / 1965 mustang

9. Open

10. Open


-Tires 29-10.5W and up or should a small tire car wish to run on this list they may

-Door car/truck

-No chassis or power adder restrictions

1. Tyler Lee / Chevy II

2. Kenneth Glaze / Chevy II

3. Justin Sowell

4. William haymaker

5. Doyle Ellis

6. Open

7. Open

8. Open

9. Open

10. Open


-Tires 29-10.5 and down 19″ wheels and over are allowed

-Door car or Truck

-No chassis or power adder restriction

1.Adam Penis/ 240 z

2.Ryan Milliken / 66 Chevy II

3.Roger Kay

4.Rick Appleton

5. Open

6. Open

7. Open

8. Open

9. Open