Effective immediately, the ultra exciting NO MODS heads up class is now backed up by ECD’s long time friend Kevin Roberts at Kevins Machine Shop.  The NO MOD’s will make their season debut Saturday May 4th and will run alongside the Pro Mods again on July 6th and October 12th.  Kevin’s Machine Shop, located in Crawfordsville Florida has been in business since 1984 and offers a wide variety of products and services to keep just about any hot rod you see on the track at ECD race ready.


Kevins Machine

2701 Crawfordville Hwy
Crawfordville, Florida 32327




Save your cash and get your tickets in advance online, online ticket sales are set to shut down this Thursday March 7th, afterwards your only option will be cash at the gate.  If you do the online sales, print the tickets or simply keep the tickets on your phone and getting thru the gate will be a breeze on race day.




Our friends at Drag Illustrated stopped by recently to check out ECD and after a brief chat and a tour of the place we managed to make it in print. Thanks for the kudos Van Abernathy and Drag Illustrated crew, the kind words are definitely appreciated and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again out here!

The weather for this weekend has taken a turn for the perfect after looking gloomy all week long. Many tracks in the area have already pulled the plug on racing due to the forecast so we might just have a few extra out of town racers joining us at ECD this weekend! See flyer for details, everyone is welcome to join us for the Summit ET Series and there’s bound to be a racing class you can jump in so get in where you fit in!