This weekend we’ll be hosting the 2nd annual running of the BACK TO SCHOOL Jr Dragster race presented by RT Promotions (Rob Reynolds). We’ll be opening the gates as early as 6PM Thursday to let our out of town friends get in and parked. Racing is to start 9AM Friday and run into the evening, picking back up both Saturday & Sunday at 9am.


All Jr’s – all weekend, multiple shootouts, index races, high roller races and WALLY TROPHIES! Contact Rob Reynolds at 3215576150 or contact ECD at 8506033991 with any questions/comments/concerns, otherwise we look forward to seeing you all again this weekend!


With much anticipation we are excited to share some news with you all regarding the 28X racing going on in our area!

August 10th Emerald Coast Dragway – By popular demand the 28X class was added to the run order at the 21 Gun Salute Military Appreciation Race presented by The Grand Hustle / Shannon Wilkerson.  This makes 8 total classes so far for that day and we’re contemplating adding true street in as well so TS guys keep your chutes packed, more info to follow! $150 entry, $4000 guaranteed purse!

August 31st Power House Motorsports Park – 28X will be contested in Fountain Florida by the Ducky Johnson and Triple XXX racing crew, ran in conjunction with True Street and 6.50 Heads Up.  $150 Entry $4000 guaranteed purse!

September 21st Atmore Dragway – This was the curveball you all likely weren’t expecting. We (from ECD) have been poking around for weeks making sure everyone’s schedule was cleared for “a big one” on this weekend. HOWEVER, that race was meant to be an evening race following up our Summit ET series bracket finals race.  Turns out the King of the Coast bracket series is running that same weekend and our friends at Atmore already had some small tire heads up stuff on the schedule for that weekend so all that being said, we’re not racing on Sept 21st… make your way to Gulfport for KOC or Atmore if you’re on 28’s! Our bracket finals will be the following weekend September 28th.  $150 entry and Atmore is putting $3000 on top of our tech card money and paying it all back… at 8 cars we’re racing for $4200, 16 cars $5400 and at 24 cars its a $6600 purse!

October TBD – Possible date at Powerhouse

November 23rd Emerald Coast Dragway – 28X/TS/6.50+MORE

28X CLASS RULES – Heads up no time class meant for street cars or trucks utilizing any power plant and power adder combo. The class will be randomly paired for eliminations and racing on a .400 pro tree.Tire size limited to any 28×10.5W slick, 28×10.5 pro brackets or 275/60-15 radial and smaller.Chassis limited to factory style front suspension mounted in the stock location. No full tube chassis or wheelie bars and must maintain factory wheel base +/- 1”.  Bolt on front ends and front end parts acceptable as long as they mount to factory locations and they are removable. Factory firewall must be retained in stock location, notched for clearance or smoothed for appearance is acceptable. Any rear suspension combo acceptable.


Friday July 12th will be a *R*A*I*N*O*U*T*, wish as we may but this weekend is not favorable for racing in our local area due to Tropical Storm Barry churning things up out in the Gulf of Mexico. Atmore Dragway is rained out all weekend as well, last we heard US90 is still planning on running and Powerhouse has something going on Sunday you could check out if you guys need track time local this weekend.

We look forward to seeing you all out on $10 Tuesday next week, stay dry & safe this weekend! -Team ECD

The 2nd annual Pro Mod show hosted on Independence Day at ECD went off without a hitch, a great evening of great racing lead to a good time for all! Those of you who remember our show last year, probably remember it raining all day and us being too stubborn to give up…. dried the track three times and ended up racing until the sun came up the next day!  This year, it seemed to have rained all around us but ECD stayed dry, the overcast conditions took some of the heat out of the air while the surrounding weather systems provided a nice breeze for us to work with.

Although the gates didn’t open until 2PM officially, there were a few hundred people in the track by then already, by the time the pro mods started cracking the throttle in the pits for warm up we had a packed house! The track went hot when it was supposed to and the whole timeline plan fell within 15-20 minutes of when it was supposed to thanks to racers making the call to the lanes, thankfully no oil downs and of course the weather working our favor.

As the final pair of pro mods went down the track just after 10pm, the lights went out on the track and in the pits and our first fireworks show went up in the air adjacent to the return road so the whole crowd had a good seat… as the thunder receded, the crowds moved out and we pressed on with our racing program with the finals in all categories wrapped up right around midnight… perfect!

If you didn’t get to make this years show, plan on making it next year, we’re definitely doing it again!

Whatever you had planned for Saturday July 6th is now irrelevant… Get ready for an evening of fireworks, flying blower belts, the boards lit up with 200+MPH PRO MODS and a house packed full of heads up race cars!


OPTIONAL Friday Frenzy Test & Tune, gates open 5PM Friday, track hot 6-11PM for open time shots. Saturday RACE DAY gates open at 2PM, track hot 4-5PM for open time shots with 2 rounds of qualifying to begin at 5PM. Opening ceremonies and 1st round elimination to begin at 8pm just after sunset. FIREWORKS are planned to light up the ECD sky at 10pm or just after the Pro Mod finals… then we’ll race through the night until two cars go down and only one comes back in every category!