No better way to wrap up 10+ days of heavy solid rain than a BEAUTIFUL racing weekend at The Emerald Coast Dragway with the Bracket & Index bash brought to you by Lynn Morris! Friday’s pre-race test & tune was called off earlier in the week as it was the first forecasted day of sunshine and the track was nowhere near ready which left racers even more antsy.  As the clouds cleared the ECD team rolled in to find rigs already parked for the weekend, the track got scraped clean and prepped back up as the surface soaked up every bit of sunshine the sky would give up.  Knowing the track wasn’t dry enough yet and temps would be cool, we were happy we decided not to run on Friday night while the race rigs continued to roll in.

Saturday, bright & early, the gates opened and racers poured in… and poured in…. and poured in, they just kept coming! When the call to the lanes was made for track hot the lanes were backed up all the way down to the intersection with all 6 lanes full to the brim.  At 1230PM the lanes were shut off for open time trials and we rolled into qualifying & time shots after a quick drivers meeting & awards presentation for our 2018 Summit ET Series Champions.


All & all there were 133 entires spread amongst 7 classes, Super Pro E/T was loaded the heaviest at 49 entries, Pro E/T up next at 26 entries, Sportsman E/T with 14 entries and last but not least our Jr Dragster class with 12 entries and then many competitors stepping it up and entering one of the 6.0/6.50/7.0/8.0 indexes that were run that day to double and triple their chances at taking home some winnings. A quick walk through the pits and you’d run into a Jr Dragster family down from Kentucky, or a lone Super Pro car in from North Carolina, another family with burgers on the grill in from Mississippi, with people in from all over the place it was clear we were in for a good day of racing.

We raced, we raced.. and we raced, some classes got in & done, some got down to a few and then… at 6 cars, a huge wheelie in the left hand land and a hard slam down into the green paint and way out of the groove got Super Pro E/T competitor Matthew Brown too far out of shape to be able to recover from and into the wall we went.  Everyone’s ok and the car’s a bit banged up but repairable, however that set the tone for the remainder of the evening, with air temps at around 45*F, the dew point just a few degree’s lower at 43*F, no cars had gone down the track and it had gone cold.  Remaining racers and event officials decided to call it a night. In a display of amazing sportsmanship and even though 2 of the 3 races and been ran in the quarter final round of eliminations, they got together and decided to undo those two wins and losses and split at 6 as if the round never happened so the S/P pot could be split with Matthew Brown.

Super Pro E/T – Split at 6 – H. Blevins #47, K. Morris #F465X, K. Price #CX546, C. Bryant #0113, R. Taylor #2X76, M. Brown #189X

Pro E/T – Split at 3 – D. Paul #DX25, B. Ward #6942, P. Romel #435

Sportsman E/T – J. Branhof #H216 races his alter ego J. Branhof #H216X in the finals… FOR THE WIN

Jr Dragster – G. Hatcher #3411 WINNER

6.0 Index – C. Bryant #0113 WINNER

6.50 Index – B. Langford #2002 WINNER

7.0 Index – G. Thompson #E285 WINNER

8.0 Index – P. Romel #435 WINNER

CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS & THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming out & supporting what has started off as an amazing year of racing thus far at The Emerald Coast Dragway, for our Bracket & Index guys out there looking for a place to race, our Summit ET Series kicks off next weekend, Saturday January 19th! SEE YOU THEN!


Feb 1-2: Emerald Coast Dragway; Holt, FL

March 1-2: Holly Springs Dragway; Holly Springs, MS

April 5-6: No Problem Raceway; Belle Rose, LA

May 3-4: Cordova International Raceway; Cordova, IL

June 7-8: Ozark Raceway Park; Rogersville, MO

July 5-6: Huntsville Dragway; Huntsville, AL

August 2-3: Lapeer International Dragway; Lapeer, MI

September 6-7: Drag Week

October 4-5: Rockingham Dragway; Rockingham, NC


Racer Gate: 3:00 PM 

Tech Cards: $50 for Friday Grudge Racing 

Tech and Registration: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Grudge Racing: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Racer Gate: 9:00 AM (RACERS AND CREW ONLY) 

Spectator Gates: 10:00 AM 

Driver’s Meeting: 11:00 AM (FIRST ROUND TO DIRECTLY FOLLOW!)

First Round: 11:30 AM

SATURDAY CLASSES (rules below): Big Tire, Small Tire, Daily Driver 1.0, Daily Driver 2.0, Outlaw Big Tire 

All races are 1/8 mile, heads up, no time, instant green, all cars must pass a safety tech inspection

GRUDGE FRIDAY $50 – Must pass safety tech inspection, No solo passes

BIG TIRE SATURDAY $250 Entry /  $10,000 Payout / +/- 3” wheel base, Vin Number, Steel Roof and Quarters

SMALL TIRE SATURDAY $200 Entry / $5,000 Payout / 28×10.5 tire, Vin Number, Steel Roof and Quarters, Factory style suspension, Firewall at stock location, No Chassis Cars

OUTLAW BIG TIRE SATURDAY $150 Entry / $2,500 Payout / Run what you brung

DAILY DRIVER 1.0 SATURDAY / FREE ENTRY / $250 Payout+trophy! -Factory exterior, OEM Car, Bolt-ons only (CAI, exhaust, pullies, etc). No aftermarket power adders or power adders that didn’t come from the factory hard tire and must be able to come back to lanes to run after runs

DAILY DRIVER 2.0 SATURDAY / $100 Entry / $1,500 Payout – Modified street cars, One power adder accepted, Factory style suspension (aftermarket pieces accept if factory style), All safety equipment i.e. roll cage, etc.) accepted, Dot Tire (no big tire cars allowed), Vin number, No chassis cars


The 5.70 Real Street Racing Association and the Emerald Coast Dragway and would like to invite anyone & everyone interested in discussing the 2019 happenings of the 5.70 Real Street class this Saturday, 10AM at the tech shack in the staging lanes.  Feel free to stick around afterwards for the Bracket & Index Bash happening the rest of the day or trade your wrist band back in at the gate when the meeting is adjourned and we’ll trade you back and plan on seeing you for the first 570RS race February 9th!


With the epic amount of rainfall we’ve received over the past week and that we are continuing to receive now, we have no choice but to not even try to run tomorrow. The track is fresh scraped (no rubber base), it’s too wet to try and drag a fresh base on and the pits would be a muddy soup sandwich.

$10 Tuesday on January 1st is a weak maybe at this point, forecast shows nothing but rain until Friday next week… Good news is we’re planning on a Friday Frenzy, Saturday Bracket/ET Race Day and a Sunday Funday next weekend! and if the forecast holds true it’ll be SUNNY and 60*F!


The Tri-County Grudgefest, hosted by Adam Pettis at Innovative Street Technologies, event went off without a hitch this weekend. Despite the cool temp’s and lack of sunshine we still had a blast and finished off the night with an epic bon-fire and delicious tailgate bbq thanks to John Luterman & Crew.  The no-prep (& water burnout only) race surface started off with barely any teeth to it at all, however later in the day as more & more cars went down the track she started to get some teeth and these hot rods started FLYING!

The Jr Dragster class was added last minute by bracket/index promoter Lynn Morris but these kids showed up and raced in TCGF fashion, instant green & no time! You might think these light weight cars with little motors would be fine racing on any surface but the first few to go down the track showed otherwise, these cars looked like top fuel cars with all the wheel speed on the no-prep surface which made the parents/tuners job very challenging to get them to hook.  Ending up on top all said & done was Kayla Ainsworth, an avid competitor and ECD regular, Kayla was 3rd in points overall in this years Summit ET Series Jr Dragster class but brought her A-game to race at the TCGF, congrats Kayla & crew!

No-prep + “hard tires” made for an exceptionally challenging way to the winners circle for Peter Rozinski. Everyone there was convinced that the AWD Nissan GT-R or the AWD Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 was going to take the win but Peter drove around them all and parked his Ranger in the winner’s circle! Congrats Peter, hopefully we’ll see that hot rod out at ECD more often for 2019!

Weekend Warrior was a class that was added to this past TCGF to give those street-capable hot rods a place to race that aren’t necessarily dedicated race cars.  These street-cars are allowed slicks/radials up to a certain size, power adders, all the works but had to go on the same 20+ mile cruise that the hard-tire cars/trucks had to go on.  Erik Warrington made it happen with clean/fast A-B passes all the way to the finals and got the job done with his beautiful mustang.  Erik is a regular at ECD his business, Warrington Utility is also a corporate supporter of the track so if you plan on racing a fast street car at ECD, plan on having to get past Erik if you want a chance at the winner’s circle, he won’t give it up without a fight!

Not the first time “Orange Boost” has parked its way in the winners picture at ECD this year, whether the car’s on radials with a bunch of weight hung on the nose or on slicks ready to get down the no-prep surface, Joey Pierre and his crew know how to get the job done.  The small-tire class came down to John Luterman’s freshly painted white turbo mustang and Joey Pierre’s turbo/nitrous LS swapped Nissan with the Nissan coming out on top and going home with the cash. Icing on the cake is after issues earlier in the day, Joey had to footbrake the car and was limited to burnouts ending before the the start stripe because his transbrake (reverse) failed on him! Congrats Joey & crew for another well deserved win at ECD!

In the biggest field we’ve had yet in Outlaw Big-Tire, Cory Cox continues his winning streak with yet another win with his nitrous breathing Firebird. Coming off a big win at the JJ Arm Drop Race at Cottonwood two weeks ago, Cory’s team showed up at the TCGF ready to do whatever it took to park it in the winner’s pic and take home the cash.  This marks the first time in TCGF history that Tyler Lee didn’t go home with the win in this class with his fire breathing 67 Chevy II but based on watching all these big tire cars making test hits it was clear that it was anyone’s race to win! Congrats Cory & team on the win and hopefully you can keep the streak alive!

The TCGF was meant to be our last race of the year but a group of rowdy street racers needed a place to throw down on Christmas weekend because their spot was a bit too hot for the liking, with open arms we’d like to invite you to join us on Dec 23rd for the Grand Hustle Cash Days! No tower, no tree, no staff, no tickets, arm drop, chase is a race, BYOP… just like on the street! We will have EMT on site and waivers will be signed at the gate and before going down the track to meet our requirements but other than that,  behave yourselves and have a good time! Contact Shannon Wilkerson at 3342081680 if interested in getting in on the cash-days.