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Against the weather forecast odds and with  plenty of moisture throughout the weekend we (Emerald Coast Dragway & Tri-County Grudgefest teams) decided to run with the event until we were physically unable to race and absolutely refused to call it off in advance.  It all worked out and we were able to run the entire race throughout, although car count and spectator count suffered, the event went off without a hitch!

(PICTURED ABOVE) Tyler Lee Racing takes the win Saturday evening in the Top Outlaw (big tire) class.  The much anticipated grudge race between Tyler Lee and Bobby Ducote went down “off the trailer” during time shots before eliminations got under way.  Tyler Lee went for a wild ride down the no prep surface, at one point in time showing both of his doors back to the crowd cheering him on at the starting line and even threw a fire fireballs out of the collectors just before turning on the win light against Bobby Ducote, who was having issues with his fuel/air management system that nearly kept him from being able to compete that night at all.  Once eliminations got under way, Tyler drew a first round bye meanwhile Bobby Ducote lined up against Cory Cox, Cory turns on the win light against Bobby while Tyler Lee takes his solo pass at full power to make sure he’s got enough for the finals against Cory.  Tyler Lee over Cory Cox for the win in the finals in Top Outlaw.  Bobby Ducote being the good sport that he is shakes both drivers hands and swears he’ll be back for vengeance once he gets his new combo ironed out!

Revered True Street competitor Jeremy Sparks with Sparks Motorsports manages to take home a win in the Small Tire class in his street legal/able Mustang powered by a twin turbo charged small block ford.  A well deserved win for Sparks and his team as they just managed to get the car back together the morning of this race due to a broken flywheel which kept him from competing in last weeks South Coast Heads Up Series True Street class.   Tough competition in the small tire class kept the fans on their feet, these cars hanging the front tires and fighting for traction down the no-prep surface definitely kept things interesting!

Joey Diotalevi for the win in the Daily Driver class with his 4 door Cadillac CTS-V against our biggest class of the evening with 12 cars in the field and all of them making the 19 mile cruise prior to the race to ensure their street worthiness.  Although Joey’s car meets the rules of the daily driver class being street legal, functional A/C.. etc etc, don’t let it fool you that thing is a wolf in sheeps clothing with a Cadillac badge on it, 400+CI with a big nitrous shot spraying through the blower, putting power down through a TH400 swap with drag radials bolted on it, she is a bad hot rod!

As promised the family fun favorite Power Wheels class goes down the track following the 7pm drivers meeting with a total upset during eliminations, the reigning champ manages to put his car into the right wall on this slippery no-prep track, leaving room for a new champ to go home with the big trophy smiling from ear to ear.  We look forward to running this class again in the future!

We’d like to thank all of you for supporting us this past weekend although the forecast was crap which definitely had an effect on attendance and look forward to seeing you this upcoming weekend for a HUGE Independence Day Weekend race!  With Outlaw Pro Mods, a Jet Car lighting up the night sky, Sky Divers diving into our opening ceremonies and TONS of heads up racing action, we’re looking to pack the house and race well into the evening with non stop action until were left with one man/woman standing in each category! Going down Saturday, show up early for good parking!

Discovery Channels Street Outlaws star Bobby Ducote gave us a call earlier in the week regarding some testing after a converter update while he was in town visiting SunCoast so he could get ready for an upcoming No Prep Kings filming and it just so happened we had our (no prep / no time) Tri-County Grudgefest this weekend!  One thing lead to another and him joining us for the race fell into place and him racing in the Top Outlaw class against the 850’s toughest hometown big tire competitors.

Bobby’s big tire car looks a lot like “lil legend” his renowned small block nitrous no time car but that’s where the differences stop.  Unlike the lil legend, the big tire car packs a 565″ Hemi under hood fed by twin 98mm turbos and is rumored to make well north of 3000HP.

If you’ve been on social media in the past 24 hours and follow Bobby, you’ll find a video that he shared calling out a fella named Tyler Lee, those of you who have been to ECD recently likely know Tyler Lee and his bad to the bone 67 Chevy II.  Bobby got word of Tyler’s domination of the previous Grudgefests, the fact that Tyler is #1 on our 850 Big Tire list as well as the reigning champion in our Door Slammer “No Mod” class and decided to aim right for him, calling him out on social media.  While Tyler isn’t into the social media stuff it didnt take long for word to get to him and his response was “Tell him I’ll be at ECD on June 30th and July 7th as well as racing in OKC on July 21st, tell him to pick a date or pick them all and lets race!”

Join us Saturday June 30th when the gates open at 3PM to meet Bobby Ducote, grab a picture with him or even an autograph or two and watch the evenings racing action go down. Track goes “hot” at 5pm, drivers meeting in front of the staging lanes at 7PM, kids power wheels race will be first down the track followed up by our Top Outlaw, Small Tire and Daily Driver heads up racing categories.  Pricing is $20 at the gate, kids 12 & under free as always, Mrs Sherry will have the grill ready to show up hungry and we’ve got you covered.

The Tri-County Grudgefest returns to ECD this weekend, leave the track prep and “pimp juice” at the house as this weekend will be water burnouts only on a non-prepped track! The MAIN EVENT… kids power wheel heads up grudge race will go down right after the drivers meeting… mean while we’ll have FAST big tire cars, FAST small tire cars and our new class for this event “daily driver” cars/trucks racing heads up no time on an instant green tree racing into the evening until we’re left with one man (lady?) standing in each class.

Friday night will be a standard prepped Friday Frenzy open test & tune open for all, stick around once the track goes  “cold” Friday night we’ll be scraping the track clean to the transition and nothing more than a broom and air blower will go down it Saturday before we race!


Below is Tyler Lee, reigning “Top Outlaw” (big tire) back to back champ… If you’ve got what it takes to knock him off his throne, by all means, be our guest… gates open at 3PM Saturday!

Rumor on the street is “Chicken hawk” (pictured below) is coming back up this weekend from the Daytona FL area seeking revenge in the Small Tire class, Robert & his team are a class act and we look forward to seeing them up our way tearing up the 660′ this weekend!

Who’s going to take the gold home this time in our heads up power wheels grudge race? Find out just after the drivers meeting around sundown at 7PM! Every kids a winner but one of them will be taking home a bigger trophy than the rest…


Going down this Saturday at ECD, kids make sure your nitrous bottles are full, wheelie bars are adjusted and batteries are fully charged for the 2nd running of the Tri-County Grudge Fest’s heads up power wheels race!

This will be going down right after the drivers meeting and opening ceremonies with the kids drag racing with their backs to the sunset.

Every kid gets a trophy/medal, kids 12 & under get into the track free, no entry fee on the class, great fun to be had by all! Stick around and watch some heads up cars battle it out head to head into the evening.

All power wheels type cars welcome, big or small, fast or slow, even bring on the pedal powered cars if your kid thinks he can go the distance against the battery powered stuff!

Gates open at 3pm, track hot at 5pm for test hits, drivers meeting & opening ceremonies at 7PM with heads up Power Wheels race to follow shortly after.  Kids 12 & under thru the gates free, adults are $20, stick around & enjoy the family friendly racing fun into the evening.

After an outstanding weekend of small tire no time and heads up index racing at ECD, the results are in!

28X came down to Ryan Milliken and Geoff Gibson in the finals, Geoff over Ryan on the tree and to the 60′, Ryan drove around Geoff by the 330′, both cars had trouble on the top end, Geoff turns on the win light but not before taking out the 594′ and 660′ cones indicating a crossing of the centerline which gives the round win to Milliken.  The drivers agreed it was a hell of a race and decided to split purse and Ryan takes the points due to the crossing.

Small Block Nitrous came down to both of the heavy hitters in the class Casey Smith and Isac Gomez (pictured above with team/family/friends), previously 3rd and 4th in points, respectively, all said and done these guys are now sitting tied for first place with 66 points each.  Arguably the best race of the night between these two in the final round, ultimately with Isac turning on the win light but not before Casey put up a hell of a fight with roughly 3/100 of a second between them at the finish line!

True Street came down to Joey Pierre and “Turbo Dan” in the finals and a bit of drama in the final round as it had to be re-ran due to a timing system malfunction.  Both drivers turned on the pre stage bulbs, Joey bumps into the stage beam, before Dan bumped into his stage beam and long before a timeout should have ever occurred, the tree drops. Joey takes off while Dan sitting with only the pre stage bulbs turned on and hands went up in the air.  After turning on the win light in the finals once already, we convinced Joey to re-run it after a brief cool down, the timing system was reset and the tree checked, checked again and checked once more to make sure it wouldn’t do whatever just happened, again.  True street ends with Joey Pierre over Turbo Dan in the actual final round with Joey making a clean pass and Dan striking the tires on the hit and unable to run him down.

6.50 Heads up and 5.70 Real Street results will be posted in a few days, when we printed results in the wee hours of Sunday morning after the racing was complete, we didn’t realize that both pages of 5.70 and 6.50 didn’t print out so we don’t have accurate results in front of us. Rather than misconstrue what happened we’ll give them their own post in a few days once we get results, sorry for the delay guys!

Pictured below is 28X winner Ryan Milliken in the left lane paired up with True Street winner Joey Pierre in the right lane.

28X POINTS LEADER: Mike Collins #327

  • 1ST Mike Collins #327 – RD1 ECD 31 – RD2 CW 49 – RD3 EC 10 = 90
  • 2ND Bo Potter #388 – RD1 ECD 55 – RD2 CW 10 – RD3 EC 20 = 85
  • 3RD Ryan Milliken #6010 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD3 ECD 55 = 65
  • 4TH Geoff Gibson #411 – RD2 CW 10 – RD3 ECD 43 = 53
  • 5TH Patrick Clenney #68X – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 31 – RD3 EC 10 = 51
  • 5TH Lenny Arnold #98X – RD1 ECD 31 – RD3 ECD 20 = 51
  • 6TH Carlton Thompson #75 – RD1 ECD 20 – RD2 CW 20 – RD3 EC 10 = 50
  • 7TH Jason Trip #1917 – RD2 CW 49 = 49
  • 8TH Charlie Johnson #X801 – RD1 ECD 43 = 43
  • 9TH Kenny Saffold #109 – RD2 CW 31 – RD3 EC 10 = 41
  • 9TH Jason Spinks #1972 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD3 31 = 41
  • 10TH Beau Hugueley #109 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 20 = 30
  • 10TH Scott Parish #P3 – RD2 CW 20 – RD3 EC 10 = 30
  • 11TH Brad Merritt#1969 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 11TH Woody Hoffman #527 – RD1 ECD 20= 20
  • 11TH Josh Peel #331 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 11TH Charles Paramore (sp?) #9 – RD1 ECD 10 = 20
  • 11TH Scott Sarkisian #2832- RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 10 = 20
  • 11TH John Justice #22x – RD2 CW 20 = 20
  • 11TH Thomas Powell #143 – RD2 CW 20 = 20
  • 12TH Tommy Brewer #72 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 12TH James Johnson #042 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 12TH Scotty Enfinger #00 – RD2 CW 10 = 10
  • 12TH Ty Chaney #201T – RD2 CW 10 = 10
  • 12TH John Watts – RD2 CW 10 = 10
  • 12TH Ricky Presley – RD2 CW 10 = 10

SMALL BLOCK NITROUS POINTS LEADER: TIED Casey Smith #248 / Isac Gomez #135

  • 1ST Casey Smith #248 – RD1 ECD 33 – RD3 ECD 33 = 66
  • 1ST Isac Gomez #135 – RD1 ECD 21 – RD3 ECD 45 = 66
  • 2ND Robbie Arnold #72X – RD1 ECD 45 – RD3 ECD 10 = 55
  • 3RD Robert D – RD2 CW 35 = 35
  • 4TH Bo Potter #388 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 23 = 33
  • 5TH M. Wakefield – RD2 CW 11 – RD3 ECD 21 = 32
  • 6TH Capri Wesley #2219 – RD2 CW 11 = 11
  • 7TH Cory Cox #X202 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 7TH Kevin #46 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 7TH Patrick Clenney #2010 – RD3 ECD 10 = 10
  • 7TH Lance Howard #35 – RD3 ECD 10 = 10

6.50 POINTS LEADER: Cole Langford #2002


  • 1ST Cole Langford #2002 – RD1 ECD 30 – RD2 CW 55 = 85
  • 2ND Brett Gibbens #2512 – RD1 ECD 63 – RD2 CW 20 = 83
  • 3ST Robert Holt #6572 – RD1 ECD 75 = 75
  • 4TH Arnold Woodford #6804 – RD1 ECD 40 – RD2 CW 20 = 60
  • 5TH  Timmy Thomas #6042 – RD1 ECD 51 =51
  • 6TH Wayne Mccray #304 – RD2 CW 43 = 43
  • 7TH Chris Daly #Z229 – RD1 ECD 40 = 40
  • 7TH Ricky Thomas #2566 – RD1 ECD 30 – RD2 CW 10 = 40
  • 8TH Ricky Taylor #2X76 – RD2 CW 31 = 31
  • 8TH Micky Curry #C774 – RD2 CW 31 = 31
  • 9TH Colton Gomez #2412 – RD1 ECD 30 = 30
  • 9TH Ken Grant #W262 – RD1 ECD 30 = 30
  • 9TH Capri Wesley #2219 – RD1 ECD 20 – RD2 CW 10 = 30
  • 9TH Charlie Johnson #X802 – RD1 ECD 20 – RD2 CW 10 = 30
  • 9TH Billy Adkins #6802 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 20 = 30
  • 10TH Christian Kitsos #351 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Jason Kelley #0151 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Chad Aycock #357 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Thomas Holley #2X05 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Lynn Morris #418X – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Justin Sowell #5571 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Dustin Little #6976 – RD1 ECD 20 = 20
  • 10TH Daniel Dean #1968 – RD2 CW 20 = 20
  • 10TH Victor Seay #220 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2  CW 10 = 20
  • 10TH Mark Armstrong #1340 – RD1 ECD 10 – RD2 CW 10 = 20
  • 11TH Roy Harrigill #203 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Daniel Jandran #222 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Bo Lewis #229 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Robert Meeks #281 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Joshua Parrish #P11 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Matthew Brown #189X – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Ray Ainsworth #2338 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Gary Smith #C421 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Brad Morey #M199 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Roger Tindoll #T293 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Erik Warrington #281X – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Julius Pruitt #4036 – RD1 ECD 10 = 10
  • 11TH Ben Blackstone #2216 – RD2 CW 10 = 10


  • 1ST Joey Pierre #53 – RD3 EC 55 = 55
  • 2ND Turbo Dan #187X – RD3 EC 43 = 43
  • 3RD Scotty Enfinger #1971 – RD3 EC 31 = 31
  • 4TH Joey Diotalevi #15 – RD3 EC 20 = 20
  • 4TH J Williams #508 – RD3 EC 20 = 20
  • 4TH Spencer Lowe #506 – RD3 EC 20 = 20
  • 5TH A Lambert #1401 – RD3 EC 10 = 10
  • 5TH S Porthouse #501 – RD3 EC 10 = 10
  • 5TH Jeremy Sparks #0016 – RD3 EC 10 = 10
  • 5TH Edgar Negron #584 – RD3 EC 10 = 10
  • 5TH Justin McCarthy – RD3 EC 10 = 10

All drivers who compete at SCHU sanctioned events in 28X/SBNX/6.50 will be automatically entered in the points chase. The vehicle (and the driver) being entered must be on premises. The same vehicle cannot be used for points (or competition) by more than one driver in the same class. Points are awarded to a driver in the class, not the vehicle.

  1. 10 points will be awarded for entering each points event. Entering a points event is defined as passing tech inspection with a vehicle (appropriate for the class entered) on the day of the event and turning in the tech card to the tower before the first round of eliminations.
  2. 10 points will be awarded to the winner of each round of elimination.
  3. 5 bonus points will be awarded to the event winner, 3 bonus points awarded to runner up and 1 bonus point to each semi-finalist.