Door Slammer Quick 8 “No-Mod”

This class is intended for those 4.70-5.0 type cars to race heads up in Pro Mod class format, typically on race nights where Pro Mods are at the track already as well.  To get the class off the ground the rules will be open until its deemed necessary to tighten them down.  If it looks and smells like a pro-mod you’ll be racing with Pro Mods that night, if it looks and smells like a stock wheel base door slammer car then this is the place for you! Qualifying will determine your place on the NHRA Pro 8 spot ladder, racing will be done utilizing a .400 pro tree and the boards will be on for the crowd.

-Stock wheelbase +/- 1″

-Body to maintain factory appearance and body lines; hood scoops, one piece front clips, add on rear spoiler, etc… all ok as long as factory body lines and wheelbase are maintained. (added 21May2018)

-Steel roof/qtrs (or original to the car per the vin#) (deleted 21May2018)

-No tire rules

-No engine or power adder rules

-No weight rules

-Cars may not enter Pro-Mod and No-Mod on the same night. (added 21May2018)