True Street (TS)

True Street (TS) is a heads up no time class meant for registered and insured street cars or trucks utilizing any power plant and power adder combo.  Before eliminations, the class is to complete a 20-30 mile guided cruise as a group with a pace and chase vehicle designated by track officials. If any entry is unable to complete the cruise and falls behind the track appointed chase vehicle he/she is to be considered not road worthy and disqualified. The class will be randomly paired for eliminations and racing on a .400 pro tree.

Chassis limited to factory style front suspension mounted in the stock location. No full tube chassis or wheelie bars and must maintain factory wheel base +/- 1”.  Bolt on front ends and front end parts acceptable as long as they mount to factory locations and they are removable. Factory firewall must be retained in stock location, notched for clearance or smoothed for appearance is acceptable. Ladder bar, mini-tub and IRS delete ok as long as factory frame rails maintained. No back half.

Interior must remain factory appearing with a factory style dash and two front seats.

Tire options limited to DOT approved street tires only with the exception of the following:

-M/T ET Street R 3540/3559/3553/3550/3570/3554/3551/3574

-M/T ET Street S/S 3450/3452/3453/3454/3460

-M/T ET Street Radial Pro 3754X/3754R/3753R/

-M/T Pro Bracket Radial 3355R/3354R/3353R/3352R

-Hoosier QTP 17601



Changes highlighted in red made March 12@1157am, we may do cruises in the future but it will be specified on the flyer depending on what event the T/S class is being ran at and not a part of the base rules of the class.  Pro Bracket Radial added because it is a popular tire, meets size requirements and is not a “slick”, if we’re allowing M/T Pro’s and Hoosier QTP’s there’s no reason we can’t run the PBR. -RM