Annual Tech Inspection Sticker Rules


A tech card for initial inspection must be filled out completely and signed. Print on the card must be clearly legible so we can read it. For the year 2017 the cost for the sticker will be $5.00 for the remainder of the year. Next season the cost will be $10. No car will be issued the annual tech card inspection sticker if they do not pass a full inspection. After corrections the car can be presented again for re-inspection and a decal will be issued. Attach the sticker after issue inside of the door frame, on the roll bar, side window or windshield. After the sticker is issued ECD has the right for spot inspections at any time the car arrives at the track. You still have to check in at tech each visit to turn in the daily tech card, get your wrist band and dot of the day. If any changes have been made to your vehicle you are required to report this so a re-inspection can be made with no extra charge. If any changes have been made since the original inspection are not reported and found during a spot check, the sticker will be revoked for the remainder of the season and the car will not be eligible for a new sticker until the next season. If the unreported alterations are of a severe enough infraction the individual will be banned from racing at ECD for the remainder of the season. It is the drivers responsibility to notify tech of any changes made to the vehicle. There is no charge for re-inspection of modifications.