With our 2019 Summit ET Series finally in the books, lets take a look at what went down on race day and what’s to come for 2020!


First and foremost lets congratulate our 2019 Summit ET Series Champions! Super Pro – Robbie Mclaney, Pro ET – Darryl Paul, Sportsman ET – Joey Branhoff and last but not least Junior Dragster – Dylan Hite



Raceday consisted of two separate races, first race came down to Jason Kelley over Robbie Mclaney in the Super Pro finals, while both drivers ran under the number, Mclaney turned it .029 red. G Schmaltz over Paul Romel in the Pro ET finals where Schmaltz ran dead on with a zero on a .049 light leaving Romel’s 7.208 on a 7.25 dial and .053 on the tree not even a fighting chance. Reni over Branhoff in Sportsman ET, both drivers went “O” on the tree and they both ran under but Reni pulled it together and turned on the win light over Branhoff. A brother sister combo found their way into the Jr Dragster finals with Dylan Hite over his brother Dylan Hite, both drivers running right at .03 from their dial but Nick’s .021 red gave his brother Dylan the win light.


The second race was the big one, the coveted NHRA Wally Race, Ray Ainsworth found his way into the Super Pro Finals over H. Minor, a red light start for Minor gave it away before Ray even let go of the button and Ray runs down the track at a solemn 6.56 on a 6.18 dial, likely celebrating in the car the whole way at the thought of that Wally that was waiting for him. Pro ET came down to Eveland over Paul with a 6.957 on a 6.93 with a .004 for Eveland being a tough package (.031) for Pauls .072 total package to overcome. Reni with the double header in Sportsman ET, this time over competitor Jahnke in the finals, Reni runs .200 under his dial while Jahnke runs .300 under his dial and the rest is history. Another double header in Jr Dragsters where competitor Dylan Hite (also our 2019 points champion!) found himself in the finals over Kayla Ainsworth, Ainsworth’s impressive .099 package wasn’t quite enough for Dylan’s .087, leaving margin of victory at .012 or at the speeds they were traveling 1 foot 5.46 inches!


Mark your calendars now for an exciting 2020 Summit ET Series lineup (more info here)


January 11

February 22

April 4

May 16

June 20

July 4 (single race day accompanying outlaw pro mods)

August 22



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