2021 ECD Summit ET Series – THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!

With the 2021 Summit ET Series wrapped up, the results are in and the champions have earned their titles! You might be wondering why were posting this Monday morning a week late considering the ET finals was Sept 24/25, well there’s a good excuse; there was a points tie that needed settled in the JR Dragster category and we didn’t want to put the results out there without that being settled. Summit ET Points Champions earn themselves an ECD “Gold Card” which gets them free race entry to the entire 2022 Summit ET Series AND custom fit/embroidered Jackets.


Super Pro ET – Ronnie Jernigan #2262 “The Milk Truck”


Ronnie drove his Milk Truck all the way to the runner up position in the finals of round 3 to seal the deal as the 2021 Super Pro ET Points championship with 124points total over points runner up Broxson’s (#712) 116 total points. Congrats Ronnie!

Pro ET – Chris Cox #2261

Chris showed up to the finals with a huge points lead over the rest of the field PRO ET with a SUPER PRO car thinking he had the points wrapped up. Once Cox realized who and how many Pro ET cars showed up, there was a slight chance that if Larry Moore (#65) drove it all the way to the winners circle with no buybacks that he would pass up Cox. A last minute tech card was purchased and Cox hopped in a borrowed car to earn himself 20 points with a first round win and ended up points champ by a mere 2 points as Mr Moore DID in fact drive it all the way to the winners circle with no buy backs!

Sportsman ET – Joey Branhof #H216 “Mr 9.02”

Joey showed up to round 3 with only the 53 points he earned himself as a runner up from round 1, sitting 3rd in points behind Simmons (#501) and Locke (#1850). He needed Simmons to go out in the buyback rounds and to finish better than Locke without having to go to the tower for buybacks himself and everything fell perfectly into place for him and he managed to go home with some nice hardware too, stacking ANOTHER Wally on the shelf that the ole’honda has earned him over the years. Congrats Joey!

Motorcycle ET – Christopher Davis #300 “BIG DAWG” Chop Throttle Motorsports

Christopher managed a semifinal finish in the first round earlier in the year and came in to the points finals 3rd in points, behind Ruffin (#2130) and Whitehead (#51). Whitehead was a no show to the points finals and Ruffin exited the race as a semifinalist while Chris rode all the way to the winners circle AND took home his first ever Wally Trophy! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he had a hot date he was late for and didn’t stick around for the King of the Track run off amongst the winners but the smile on his face on his way out the door said he was good to go, let someone else have that King of the Track Wally!

JR Dragster ET – Ryan Harrigill #4050

Ryan wrapped up his race day at the Summit ET finals with a total of 55 points, exiting the race in the 3rd round. A quick meeting in the tower with his parents we agreed that anyone else in the points chase couldn’t pass him up and he was the unofficial points champion but a final tally on Monday morning would know for sure. Sure enough, Monday morning here comes Hatcher (#3411) out of nowhere, earning himself 55 points in ONE RACE by taking his hot rod all the way to the winners circle. Oh boy… we have a tie on our hands… thankfully both teams were good sports and agreed to a Friday night runoff in which Ryan was able to defend his unofficial points champion position with a best 2/3 race where he won with a clean sweep. Congrats Ryan!

King of the Track – Larry Moore #65

Larry not only won the Pro ET race in the finals earning himself a Wally Trophy and runner up in the points series but that win earned him a spot to compete for the elusive King of the Track Wally Trophy. Only one of these are given out per NHRA track per year, so you could say its kind of a big deal! Larry lined up against Joey Branhof (sportsman ET event winner) and Jason Kelley (super pro ET event winner) in a late night 3 car shootout and came out on top as the KING OF THE TRACK! Congrats Larry!



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