28 Extreme (28X)

28 Extreme (28X) $3000 guaranteed purse, $150 car & driver entry. • Heads up no time class meant for street door cars or trucks utilizing any power plant and power adder combo. The class will be randomly paired for eliminations and racing on a .400 pro tree. Tire size limited to any 28×10.5W slick, 28×10.5 pro brackets or 275/60-15 radial and smaller. Chassis limited to factory style front suspension mounted in the stock location. No full tube chassis or wheelie bars and must maintain factory wheel base +/- 1”. Bolt on front ends and front end parts acceptable as long as they mount to factory locations. Replacement light weight body panels are acceptable as long as they are readily available replacement panels for that model year car/truck. The body of the car or truck (cab) must have started as a production vehicle, specifically to include door jams, rocker panels and quarter panels. Aftermarket fiberglass or carbon fiber bodies prohibited. Any rear suspension combo acceptable. 

NOTE: These class rules are meant for the ECD Heads Up Points Series contested at the Emerald Coast Dragway. There may be 6.50 contested at other tracks which don’t follow our rule set and there may also be other events held at Emerald Coast outside of the points series that have their own variation of the 6.50 rules.

GENERAL GUIDELINES -All N/T classes will be randomly paired by a chip draw indicating number and lane assignment, for example 1R will race 1L and they will be the first pair down the track. -Semi-finalists get their entry fee back while winner and runner up split remaining purse 75/25%, 100% payback if entry fee’s exceed purse amount. -Unless otherwise specified drivers will get two time shots (qualifying for 6.50) prior to eliminations and run order will be as follows; Prep/28X/TS/FS/6.50/other/repeat. -Entering the race consists of passing tech inspection & pulling through the burnout box onto the racing surface, at this point there will be no refunds as show up points are assigned and your entry fee will go towards the purse. -Testing with your class after being eliminated from the race is acceptable, pull into the respective lanes after round pairing and feel free to run singles and/or grudge race. -Crossing center or making contact with any piece of the track safety or timing equipment is grounds for disqualification, this also includes any parts of the vehicle crossing the center line – “first or worst” -If there are potential grounds for disqualification that need to be brought to the racemasters attention it must be done prior to the start of the race or prior to the next round of eliminations if the infraction happened during the prior round of eliminations. -Racemaster has final discretion to make rule change without notice in an effort to maintain class parity.



March 28TH May 9TH


November 14TH FINALS – 21 GUN SALUTE

POINTS SERIES Joining the ECD point series is automatic with no registration or additional entry fees required, beginning with 10 show up points awarded for turning in a tech card for your respective class and pulling through the burnout box for shakedowns/qualifying. From there each round win is worth 10 points while semi finalists, runner up and winners are awarded 1, 3 & 5 additional bonus points, respectively. The Champ is to receive an ECD Gold Card (good for race entry respective to their championship class for all of the following year, as well as unlimited test & tune during our public sessions and +1 through the gate for crew/spectators any time you come through), a custom made championship jacket as well as a big check or trophy. Runner up will get a silver card (good for race entry respective to their championship class for all of the following year) as well as a big check or trophy.