570 Real Street competitors, join us February 9th at ECD with the South Coast Heads Up N/T series for a winter shakedown race!!  $100 entry car & driver, 100% tech card payback and ECD to kick in $500 cash to sweeten up the pot! This race will NOT count towards season points with the 570RS Racing Association, however all drivers are encouraged and welcome to join us to shake the winter off and get things fired up for the 2019 points season.

Why doesn’t it count as a 570RS Association points race? At the time the South Coast flyer was made the meeting with the Real Street Racing Association had not happened yet so some details were to be determined.  At the meeting it was discussed that 570RS would be ran in conjunction with the Pro Mod schedule at ECD for 2019 (May4th, July 6th & October 12th) instead of with the South Coast Heads Up N/T dates.  This was done in an effort to let many 570RS cars the opportunity to race other eligible classes on N/T nights (like true street for example) instead of having them try to dual class on the same race night. Also a few competitors have both a 570RS eligible car and a faster heads up type car that they aren’t able to bring to the track and operate at the same time.  ECD was of course happy to oblige and we look forward to racing with the 570RS Association in 2019!

See updated 2019 570RS Rules HERE and February 9th event flyer below:


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