850 Top Ten

The 850 Top Ten list is a list for racers by racers, supported by the Emerald Coast Dragway. ┬áRace nights are first Friday’s of the month, drivers meeting under the tower at 8pm, be there or lose your spot!


  • If a list race event is missed and you do not show up to race you can lose up to 2 spots in one night.
  • Callouts may be made on the page or at the track.
  • Drivers on the list will receive free tech cards on list race nights.
  • If you want to get on the list, you have to race your way on, no freebies.
  • One car can not be on multiple lists.
  • Once callout is made you must show up to the next race day or callout is void.


-DOT Tire


-All working lights

-Back halves and cages allowed

1. Gina McKinley / CTSV

2. Erik Warrington/ Mach 1

3. Roger Kay/ 1965 Mustang

4. Bo/ CTSV

5. Justin McCarthy/ 350Z

6. Mike Tricker

7. Jeremy Sparks/ Fox “Dream Theif”

8. John Letterman/ White Fox Body

9. Rob Dunkerson/ Viper

10. Gregg Chisholm/ 2JZ 240SX



-Tires 29-10.5 and down 19″ wheels and over are allowed

-Door car or Truck

-No chassis or power adder restriction

1. Adam Pettis/ 240Z

2. Capri Wesley/ 4th Gen Camaro

3. Roger Kay

4. Rick Appleton

5. Ryan Milliken/ ’66 Nova

6. Mike Hicks/ RX7



-Tires 29-10.5W and up or should a small tire car wish to run on this list they may

-Door car/truck

-No chassis or power adder restrictions

1. Kenneth Glaze / Chevy II

2. Eugene Bogart / “Hot Wheels” Camaro

3. Tyler Lee / 67 Chevy II

4. Justin Sowell / Split Window Vette

5. Doyle Ellis