Best of both worlds… HIGH ROLLER SIDE POT!

We’ve had some inquiries on how the high-roller paybacks work with our Summit ET Series bracket racing classes so here goes: The high roller side pot is just as it sounds, an optional side pot for those interested in putting more $ out on entry fee in order to be able to win more $ back, last man standing in the race that entered the side pot takes the whole pot home!

Let’s take Pro ET class for example, $40 entry gets car and driver thru the gate and entered into the race, with a total purse of $1200 paying back to semi-finalists ($800/$200/$100/$100).  Now hypothetically speaking lets say you entered Pro ET on June 9th, paid your $40 entry as well as your $40 optional side pot money – Let’s say there’s a full field and you make it all the way to the Semi finals but you’re the last man standing out of 8 (8x$40=$320) others  that entered the side pot – You’ll take home your $100 semi-finalist money AS WELL AS the whole $320 high roller side pot.

This gives the budget oriented racer a place to race once a month at ECD while giving our “big money” racers a place to race as well! We ran this format on our May 19th race and it worked very well, roughly 1/3 of the racers participated. This weekend we’ll offer the side pot as an option at the gate vs having to come up to the tower for it, this along with some education on the matter ahead of time we’re expecting half the field to participate this time.

If there are any questions/comments/concerns regarding the subject please don’t be shy, feel free to comment below, shoot us a message on Facebook, shoot us an email, or feel free to buzz the track phone via text or phone call at 8506033991!

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