Conditions force cancellation of SOCO275 Race, Private Testing Sunday still a go!

Not at all the news we wanted to be sharing with our fans/drivers especially considering this race last year was a big hit but mother nature has backed us into a lose/lose situation with all the recent rains and forecasted temps this Friday & Saturday. We’ve decided to take the safer bet and race another day while still trying to hold onto the already scheduled private testing event happening this upcoming Sunday with Jimmy Bradshaw flying into prep the racing surface for us.

Standing outside this upcoming Saturday afternoon you’ll probably look up at the sky, see nothing but abundant sunshine, feel the cool breeze and think “we could have been racing today” and I 100% agree but there’s much more to it than that so lets go over what went into our decision;

  1. Excess rains and cool temps are not allowing us to scrape/clean the track on wednesday/thursday like we need to be doing.
  2. Friday is supposed to be testing/qualifying but Friday AM will be when we start scraping the track and hopefully can begin dragging in a surface by Friday evening (one-two days behind schedule).
  3. Friday night is forecasted to be a low of 26*F, with the coolest temps being just before sunrise, we wont have air temperature (or ground temperature) to work with until at least noon. Cold glue on a cold wet track does not work well.
  4. Sunset is at 530, which means sun behind the trees at 445pm for us, possibly a little earlier on the left lane, temps are forecasted to drop quickly after sunset to a low of 34*F.
  5. Excess moisture from 2+ weeks of constant rain and cool temps leave us to assume we’ll hit dew point at Sunset or shortly thereafter so if the above mentioned cool temps dont kill the surface for us, the dew will.
  6. Why not race Sunday? We already had a private test session scheduled and our friends at Atmore have a Sunday 28/275 race planned that was postponed from last weekend due to unfavorable conditions.

Long story short, assuming we could pull off a miracle and have a favorable racing surface ready by Saturday late morning somehow, there’s no way we can get a 2 day format race of this magnitude in before the surface is guaranteed to go away at sunset.  In lieu of setting us all up for failure, lets race another day shall we? We at ECD look forward to running the SOCO275 series with two more dates this year, May 29th and October 2nd.


Two days of sunshine after all the rains as well as warmer forecasted temperatures have Sunday looking GOOD, at least for a 12PM-6PM (or later if conditions allow) private testing session with Jimmy Bradshaw from Sticky Mafia Track Services. The track will be on KILL after the two days of surface prep in advance it needed. Perfect session for those racing at Lights Out 12, giving you plenty of time to identify & rectify issues before Wednesday night Q1 session for all heads up classes.  We have 6-8 cars locked in already and Jimmy has his tickets booked. Price is $250/car and MUST be on a pro-tire.  We planned on a possible Monday testing session as well but it looks like the forecast has killed the chances of that one so… Sunday it is, get it in while you can! Contact ECD or Ryan Milliken direct to RSVP for private testing. THANK YOU!


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  • Thanks for your detailed information on the track and canceling the event It’s nice to see someone who takes pride in their event and the racers

  • hang it there guys, It will warm up soon and great programs that you have scheduled will go on. Thanks for the great effort.

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