The ECD Heads Up Series kicked off 2020 on Saturday February 1st with a total of 57 cars on property competing in 4 different heads up classes for a guaranteed cash purse as well as season points. Cool temps and excess moisture accumulation leading up to race day made for a challenging racing surface early in the day, while a glimpse of afternoon sunshine let the cars run to their full potential for a round or two and then as the sun dropped so did the temperature, down into the low 40’s and straddling the dew point the whole time. Raceday conditions definitely tested the capacities of not only the drivers, their tuners as well as track staff trying to maintain a consistent racing surface.

28 Extreme N/T, the series premier racing class had 11 entries with plenty of new faces.  Carlton Thompson #75, Geoff Gibson #411 and Patrick Clenney #139 made it to the semi-finals and  decided to stop racing for the evening after the quarter finals and split the guaranteed purse at 3 cars due to unfavorable conditions for their 2000hp+ cars – a decision the ECD team fully supported, we happily sent them on their way with $1000 cash each and look forward to racing with them in the future.

True Street N/T, a tough class filled with street capable race cars, went on a 20+/- mile cruise while the rest of the cars at ECD were doing 1st round time shots and qualifying. This class had 6 tech cards turned in but one of the drivers opted to not compete the cruise and hop into 28X instead.  Joey Pierre #53 in “Orange Boost” once again found his way into the winners circle in the finals over Curtis Powell #69X.


Factory Street N/T, a brand new class at ECD for the 2020 season, these are your hopped up daily driver capable street cars that feel at home on a race track. 12 entries filled the ranks of the class with Hellcats and Steeda Mustangs on drag radials, pro-charged corvettes, a brand new supra with bolt-ons… a nitrous assisted new edge Mustang piloted by Erik Warrington #323 found his way in the finals with a 69 Pontiac Lemans with an attitude problem piloted by Ricky Baxley #632 with the Baxley Boys for the win over the Mustang.

6.50 Heads Up, a class originally filled with 20 cars, 2 of them double entered making 22 entries got a late arrival gang of 5 more cars that headed our way after wrapping up racing elsewhere for the day. The 5 late arrivals managed to make it just before E1, we called the late arrivals to the lanes for a single time shot, stuffed them on the qualifying list and called all 5 of them back to join the rest of the 22 hungry souls waiting for them in the staging lanes. #1 qualifier was M. Edinfield #82 with a 6.514 and he was able to maintain that momentum to the semi-finals where he met up with Ricky Thomas #2566. Meanwhile Robert Holt #6572 who qualified with a single late arrival time shot with a 6.588 managed to find his way in the semi-finals with a bye to the finals.  Ricky Thomas was victorious in his semi-final round against #1 qualifier Edinfield and ultimately Thomas also took the win light over Robert Holt in the final where a reaction time advantage as well as a 6.506 parked the #4 qualifier Ricky Thomas in the winners circle.


Join us for round 2, originally scheduled for March 28th but is rescheduled for April 11th, combining race days with the Grand Hustle points series as well… plan for a big weekend of racing!


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