We will not be racing our ECD Heads Up Series Finals on November 14th and champions will be crowned based on current points standings. This is not a decision that was taken lightly and was discussed at length with our team prior to making the final decision trying to weigh all possible options and outcomes.

The decision boiled down to November 14th was a bad date for us to drop this on as it’s the same weekend as two very well established races within 6 hours of us on either direction racing the same types of cars. As a track that does not draw much as far as spectator count but relies on it’s car count to bring people through the gate, competing with those races was a financial risk we were unwilling to accept.

We reached out to many of our racers about a possible reschedule date, the next available being December 19th but the general consensus was that most were waiting until our November 14th finals to be done with so they could take their car down for end of season updates and repairs.

It’s understood that this negatively affects some of you that had plans set in stone to race with us that weekend and we apologize sincerely. Our finals in 2021 will NOT be on the same weekend as OSW World Street and Holly Springs Fall Brawl and in other news if you’re already loaded up and ready to race, pick one and head that way, you’ll find me (Ryan) in the staging lanes at one of them for sure.

Congratulations to Carlton Thompson 2020 28X Champ, Dale Hurm 2020 True Street Champ, Chad Baxley 2020 Factory Street Champ and last but not least Matt Nowling 2020 6.50 Champ!!!

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