ECHO Racing Series



Classes: 4.70, 5.30, 5.50 R/S, 6.00, 6.50 Q/S, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

Rules: Door cars only except 4.70 index open to all cars.

All cars must pass NHRA tech inspection and meet safety requirements for the E.T. they run.

4.70 Index cars may have fiberglass or carbon fiber bodies, all other classes must use O.E.M bodies.

Aftermarket fiberglass parts may be used.

The following rules apply to all classes except Real Street and Quick Street: Any tire size and wheel
combination allowed, must not extend outside fender openings. Hood scoops may not exceed more
than half the height of the windshield. All carburetors must be covered by hood, or hood scoop.

Plexiglass windows, windshields permitted. Aftermarket wings permitted. Any engine/transmission
combination permitted with any power adder. Gasoline or methanol fuel only.

No throttle stops or nitrous timers used as stops permitted. 7531 boxes permitted, but down track
timing retard must not be set.

6.50 Q/S, 7.0, 8.0 & 9.0 cars run on a .500 Pro tree, all other classes run on .400.

First or worst rule is in effect. If one car red lights and the other car crosses the center line or contacts
the wall, the car who failed to maintain the lane loses.

Cars will qualify for position on a Pro ladder. Any car running faster than the Index will be positioned
behind all cars that have run above index.

6.50 Quick Street cars must have stock type suspensions, aftermarket replacement parts accepted.Mini tubs OK. Stock type frontsuspension required with aftermarket parts accepted. No wheelie bars.Fiberglass hoods OK, no front facing hoods coopsunlessOEM part for car on which it is used. Cowl for hood must be 6 inches high or less. All other body parts OEM material. Wings OK. No plexiglass windowsor windshields. 29.5 x 10.5 tires max, no W’s. All interior must remain, front seats may be replaced with upholstered bucket seats, back seat optional, cover area with carpet, all other stock interior parts required.Cars must be stock appearing with no external modification to rear wheel openings. Any engine/transmissionAccepted. Same rules as Index cars for 7531 boxes and throttle stops. 5.50 Real Street cars are the same as Quick street except back half with ladder bar or 4-link allowed. R/S cars may use fiberglass replacement partsonly if they are stock appearing. Wings are acceptable as well as plexiglass and windshields.