Freedom, Fireworks & Pro Mods – GREAT SUCCESS!

The 2nd annual Pro Mod show hosted on Independence Day at ECD went off without a hitch, a great evening of great racing lead to a good time for all! Those of you who remember our show last year, probably remember it raining all day and us being too stubborn to give up…. dried the track three times and ended up racing until the sun came up the next day! ┬áThis year, it seemed to have rained all around us but ECD stayed dry, the overcast conditions took some of the heat out of the air while the surrounding weather systems provided a nice breeze for us to work with.

Although the gates didn’t open until 2PM officially, there were a few hundred people in the track by then already, by the time the pro mods started cracking the throttle in the pits for warm up we had a packed house! The track went hot when it was supposed to and the whole timeline plan fell within 15-20 minutes of when it was supposed to thanks to racers making the call to the lanes, thankfully no oil downs and of course the weather working our favor.

As the final pair of pro mods went down the track just after 10pm, the lights went out on the track and in the pits and our first fireworks show went up in the air adjacent to the return road so the whole crowd had a good seat… as the thunder receded, the crowds moved out and we pressed on with our racing program with the finals in all categories wrapped up right around midnight… perfect!

If you didn’t get to make this years show, plan on making it next year, we’re definitely doing it again!

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