Jr Dragster racing was strong for 2018 and coming back stronger than ever for 2019 at The Emerald Coast Dragway thanks to the support of our friend, fellow racer and sponsor Rick Eizenzimmer with Grumpy’s Diesel!

Grumpy’s Diesel is located at 2330 S Hwy 29, Cantonment, FL 32533 and offers a full service & repair on light and medium duty diesels – Check them out at their website at or give them a call today at (850) 780-6512.

Last year our Jr Dragster program was raced with our NHRA Summit ET Series, with 7 single races planned we were only able to get 4 of them in due mostly to weather.  For 2019 we have 7 NHRA Summit ET Series race dates planned each with two races per weekend **AND** Grumpy’s has extended support to the Jr Dragster exclusive event “Back 2 School” brought to you by RT Promotions!

January 19 – NHRA Summit ET Series Opener – 2X Points Races

March 23 – NHRA Summit ET Series RD2 – 2X Points Races

April 20 – NHRA Summit ET Series RD3 – 2X Points Races

May 18. – NHRA Summit ET Series RD4 – 2X Points Races

June 22 – NHRA Summit ET Series RD5 – 2X Points Races

Aug 3/4 – Back 2 School Jr Dragster Weekend w/RT Promotions – WALLY RACE!

Aug 17 – NHRA Summit ET Series RD6 – 2X Points Races

Nov 16 – NHRA Summit ET Series FINALS – 2X Points Races – CHAMPIONS CROWNED!


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