Outlaw Diesel Super Series – Pro Mod Records BURIED!

An outstanding weekend of racing in the books with the first annual Hardway SunShine Showdown, the 5th stop so far on the 2018 Outlaw Diesel Super Series national tour, event champions were crowned and records were set and reset 4 times over in the Outlaw Diesel Pro Mod category! Major thanks to all racers, event sponsors and crew/spectators that made the weekend possible, we’re already looking at dates for next year!

Outlaw Diesel Pro Mod competitor Ben Shadday in his Cummins powered ram truck reset his previous class record of 4.71@155 in Friday nights pro qualifying session with a 4.68 at 150 on an early shutdown, little did we know this number would be pushed 3 more times before the end of the weekend!

All said and done, #1 qualifier and Pro Mod class winner Larson Miller, pilot of the Firepunk “Save the Racks” Cummins powered S10 pickup (pictured above) buried the class record down a 4.47@167mph.  Ben Shadday’s 4.68 in qualifying set the tone, then Millers 4.64 in qualifying, a 4.55 in eliminations then the 4.47 drove the nail in the coffin! 


Many thanks to those who raced with us this past weekend and congrats to our winners, we’re looking forward to hosting the Outlaw Diesel Super Series again September 2019!

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