Having signed on with ECD November 2017 in a 5 year agreement, that puts the end of my teams commitment at November 2022. That may seem far away and insignificant but something that hit me the other day was that the 2021 schedule we’re finalizing now will be the last full annual schedule I may potentially put together.

When presented with the opportunity to run ECD, we took on the task with what’s best for ECD at heart. Knowing full well it may cost to get the place turned around but in the end should be all worth it. There was rain, long hours on the mower, settling disputes, creating disputes for that matter (and did I mention rain?) but there was also the look of joy on our patrons faces as they enjoyed every aspect of the facility and it instantly made it all worth it, even when we were broke.

The reason I bring all this up is that I want ECD to remain in faithful and capable hands whether we continue to carry the torch or if we are indeed ready to hand it over come November 2022.  Our minds are not made up and don’t have to be yet but my feelings as of now is that; I wonder how much more functional I could be if I devoted 100% of my work hours towards my main business at the diesel shop – and what if there’s someone waiting in the shadows to take this track to the next level and all they need is for me to get out of the way?

There are several option ahead in the near future for us ranging from one purchasing the property, renewing our lease, handing over the torch to the new regime or lastly and least wanted… the gates closing behind us come November 2022 with no one to keep the track hot. The ladder happened to me in 2011 when ECD closed the first time, it’s sad but I know exactly where I was at and what time it was when I got the word they closed the track, PTSD or sure!

Hypothetically speaking if we were to hand it over, I think a transition of 12-18 months would be extremely beneficial for the next party (and the health of the facility) as there is so much to be learned throughout the season and customer/promoter/vendor/sponsor continuity is invaluable. Worst case scenario would be for the gates to close and all of the momentum we’ve got this far to unwind and erase all the efforts we’ve put forth. No one wants to see the facility go back to the way it was 2011 to late 2016, covered in weeds and pitiful.

I’ll close with this, in the event our intentions are to walk away in little over a year and a half , our operational business entity (Race ECD, LLC) could be available to a qualified individual or group capable and willing to look after the track and absorb a turn key (finally successful) business.  This would include a nearly full schedule, agreements, the business documents and all accounts in good standing signed over in full, training, team/talent and of course the keys to the front gate. You would have to secure your own equipment or we’d be happy to make you a sweet deal on our complete fleet. Whether or not this new regime purchases or leases the facility is between them and the folks in Orlando, I just went to hand them the keys to the city and the means for keeping the lights on. We might buy it, we might renew our lease, we might walk away, let’s see what 2021 has in store for us and go from there.  If you’re out there and interested, let’s talk.


Ryan Milliken

Track Operetor



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  • Me and my family have been around and involved in burning rubber over 25 plus years. Just wanted to say thank you for stepping up and making this track what it is today. Me and my family have had a lot of good times and races here and hopefully it will continue. Again thank you for all you and your family have gave us.

  • I live in Ohio an visit family in the area ,we come to the track every time I visit there and bring my daughter ( who as been around drag strips her whole life, ) we have introduced the sport to my grand kids ( that have made many passes down ECD this summer and are becoming very good at cutting lights and will enter the bracket programs this summer) I enjoy the track very much, I have raced Nhra supercomp, and super stock and countless bracket races also raced Ihra quick rod around the Midwest , I rate your track as a high quality facility and a very friendly staff and look forward to the 2021 season!

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