It’s turning out to be a very busy weekend at ECD with the Southeast Gassers Association joining us to wrap up their 2020 Championship Points Series with us here in the sunshine state as their final stop.  Friday night will be testing for the SEGA cars, while open to the public to spectate the race surface is for SEGA cars only. Saturday gate open bright and early at 8AM with class qualifying starting at 1PM.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the SEGA series yet, you should! It’s real gassers doing real gasser racing, they’re all clutch kicking manual transmission cars on gas and adhere to strict era specific rules.  This weekend we’ll have Superstock, C/GAS, B/GAS and A/GAS cars qualifying for their spot on a ladder and racing in a single elimination format until a race winners and season champion is crowned in each category!

If you’re looking for a place to test your hot rod, come see us Sunday, our regularly scheduled Sunday Funday is going on as planned with gates opening at 12PM, track hot 1PM-6PM.

SEGA event pricing is as follows, Friday night is only $10, Saturday (race day) is $20, if you’re showing up Friday and want a race weekend pass it’ll be $30 total and one wristband instead of two separate ones.  Sunday pricing is separate of the SEGA event and our normal price of $15/person and $10 for a test & tune tech card.

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