Suncoast Converters, aka SunCoast Performance, a performance oriented transmission & torque converter manufacturing company based out of Mary Esther FL, renews their ECD partnership for 2019 and secures their real estate on the right lane board!  Owner’s Ron & Margo Wolverton have been here for ECD since the reopening and says they’re in for the long haul, helping to provide a bright racing future to the Emerald Coast Dragway.

If you’ve been to ECD in the past year you’ve likely seen SunCoast a lot more than just on the right lane board, their ever increasing presence can be found between the engine and driveshaft of many of our successful ECD racers as well as in the pits providing tech support and spares to racers at large events and slinging T-shirts to the fans and temporary tattoos to the kids. 

Most think of SunCoast as just a diesel transmission company but their capabilities far out-reach just providing stuff to the diesel market.  Tyler Lee’s car (left) has a SunCoast Powerglide and Torque Converter combo between the frame rails of his 1967 Chevy II that has been absolutely dominating everything he’s entered at ECD for 2018.

Ryan Milliken’s 1966 Chevy II (right) also has and has always had nothing but SunCoast bolted to the back of  the 2500+HP Cummins power plant.  A 12.5″ Zero-Drag billet/bolt up/lockup torque converter transfers power to the big shaft 2 speed SunCoast TH400 that reliably and repeatedly propels the 3400lb leaf spring car to ET’s deep into the 4 second zone at speeds well north of 160mph.

Whether you’re looking for a simple upgrade on your existing glide, a converter re-stall in the converter you’ve already got or all the way to full blown aftermarket case, lockup converter with internal or external dumps to hold whatever you can throw at it, SunCoast has you covered (locally!).

If you’re a Street Outlaws or No Prep Kings fan, you’ve probably seen SunCoast on the big screen a lot over the years.  Bobby Ducote (pictured left) has been rocking nothing but SunCoast for a few years now with great success.  Look for Bobby’s latest hot rod in the SunCoast at PRI booth this upcoming December!

SunCoast is located at 631 Anchors Street in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  They can be reached at 800-868-0053 or check them out on the web at or on facebook at  If you’re local and not taking advantage of everything SunCoast has to offer you, you’re missing out big time!

The ECD team would once again like to thank SunCoast for standing behind us for 2019, we look forward to a successful and prosperous year of racing and many years to come.  If you or your business are interested in a partnership with ECD for 2019 please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the many options we have to offer. Packages start at $1500/yr and include an ECD gold card, signage at the track as well as online and the ability to setup as a vendor at any event we have going on to further help promote your business.




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