Track Rental

While we try to operate at least weekly with a test & tune along with several races a month that afford most an opportunity to get in where they fit in, sometimes a more personalized session is in order.  This can be an opportunity for a personalized private test session or a chance for you and a group that you choose to utilize the racing surface for an afternoon of hot rod fun.  These track rentals can be any day of the week and within reason, any time of the day as long as we don’t already have something scheduled that would conflict with what you’re trying to do.

Rental rates start at $1000 for a 4 hour “track hot” session with basic prep. This includes EMT on scene and at least 1 ECD staff and a basic track prep that would consist of a “sweep and drag” along with a light coat of glue, just like what you’d expect to see at one of our public test & tunes or even a Summit ET Series bracket race. From here we can add additional track hot hours for $100/hr as well as upgrade on track prep to satisfy your testing requirements by adding $100/lane for pro mod prep or $200/lane for full blown radial prep.  So as an example, if you and 3 other cars wanted to split a 5 hour session with one lane basic prep and the other lane radial prep, it would be $1000 to start with, add $200 for radial prep in one lane and the extra $100/hr puts you at $1300 total, you could split this 4 ways and everyone pays $325/car.

To book a rental or to seek more info contact us via EMAIL , we look forward to racing with you!