It’s that time of year again, the Tri-County Grudgefest is in town! Parents, Aunts/Uncles, Grandparents, prepare yourself for the last chance of the year to get your kids on the track to drag race that power wheels you got them last year for Christmas… charge those batteries, affix the wheelie bars and get them out there on Saturday for some FAMILY FUN!

To the rest of you heathens, bring the big bad anything goes hot rods, bring the small tire cars, roll out them weekend warriors, if you’re on a hard tire spend $10 more than it cost you to get in the gate and win $300 with whatever you drove there. All payouts guaranteed, if the collective entry fee adds up to more than they payout, guess what, it’s going to the racers!

Everyone stick around afterwards, the racing should conclude around or just after sun-down, after that we’ve got quite the collection of debris that’s been piled up all year waiting patiently for this weekend. ¬†BYOB, pull up a tailgate, feel free to camp out & stick around for Sunday Funday.

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