It seems that whoever in charge of the rain does not want us to get our 2021 Summit ET Series off the ground. Inclement weather gets another one, next one on the schedule is April 10th with SNRA Pro Mods. We realize that Saturday’s weather shows overcast with a lower chance of rain but the damage is done with heavy rains all week leaving us no chance to get the facility and most importantly the racing surface ready to go for race day. It would be a muddy mess and a waste of time for all of us… enjoy your weekends and we’ll see you April 10th!

March 26/27/28 CLOSED

April 2 Friday Frenzy T&T

April 3 Klutch Kickers Drift Funday

April 4 Sunday Private Testing

April 9 Friday Frenzy T&T

April 10 SNRA Pro Mods and NHRA Summit ET Series

April 11 Sunday Funday

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